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Video Marketing Portfolio 

The growing capability of the internet and its role as primary media consumption tool has compelled companies to consider video content as an element of their integrated web marketing campaigns. Video marketing helps businesses appeal to the growing demographic of internet users who watch video clips on the web. 

Burton Nutrition Extra Commercial 

Skin Nation Web Video

Skin Nation Extra Commercial

Soap Dishes Is The Cookbook 


T.V. Commercial 

Kinwood Landscape 1:30 T.V. commercial 

t.V. Commercial 

Budget Brakes :30 sec spot

T.V. Commercial

Pleasures Romance Boutique :30 spot 


Social Media Video

Kinwood Landscape :60 social video

"welcome home"

Explainer Video 

e-Scape Design 1:30 explainer video 

Promotional Website Video 

Fierce Trading 1:30 web video

Website Promotional Video 

Pleasures :60 website video 

Website Video

Kinwood Landscape :30 

"we call it home"

Website Promotional Video 

Pleasures :60 website video 

Promotional Video 

Etch Marketing Email Marketing 

Website Explainer Video 

O.R. Streamline 1:48 web video

"Simply More Efficent" 

Explainer Video for Website 

China Direct: CDRewards explainer

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