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At Etch Marketing Services, we take a unique approach to your online presence. Believe it or not, sometimes having the “best” or prettiest website isn’t what you need. Instead, you need the right website—a website that is true to you and your company’s character, resonating with those you want to reach most. While our websites are certainly pretty, their value is more than just screen deep.

  • Over a billion people on this planet are on Facebook.

  • 100 Million people use Instagram every month.

  • Over 300 million people are active on Twitter every month.

20 years ago, if you described these platforms to someone, they would laugh at you; people checking their “pages” every day for updates? On their phones and computers? No way. Pick up the phone! Go say hi to your relatives! Sorry old-timer, this is the age of the internet.

Like it or not, Social Media is now here to stay: and the generations growing up are going to be even more focused and driven by Social Media. This means if you want to stay relevant in this ever-changing internet world, you better have a good Social Media presence.

Many marketing companies simply post “blog” posts to each of your platforms, some even every day, giving you the satisfaction that you are posting on Social Media and are “keeping up with the times.”

At Etch Marketing, we believe Social Media is inherently about connecting with people. Posts that just contain boring, dry information are not relatable, nor interesting, to Social Media users. We believe Social Media, correctly done, should invite participation. Whether it is Likes, Follows, ReTweets or Comments, a properly managed Social Media profile engage users with both useful, interesting information, but also, and perhaps more importantly, personal posts that connect users with your business.

Let’s take a dental office: You can post about the value of whitening and you will get some participation, though not much. However, let’s say one of the staff at the office are celebrating their Birthday: a picture of the cake, staff with the dentist is going to invite far more participation - its simply more relatable to most people than whitening. In this way, your platform creates more interaction which then be used as a platform for advice for your patients/clients, or even better, a source of new leads. But it requires a carefully managed profile that above all, isn’t boring.


With Social Media’s rise in relevance, Google is now accounting for “Social Media Signals” as a valid ranking factor for organic search results.

What does that mean? That means theoretically that if Google is looking at two websites that have similar properties, the one with an active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, would be favored above a website that isn’t active on Social Media. There are various opinions and tests that have been done on this and this is far from an exact scientific fact, but in the end, more social media interaction means more people visiting your website, which of course is the point.

While this is in its early stages of development, at Studio III we believe with the other benefits of using Social Media, it has become a must to incorporate Social Media into your Internet Marketing arsenal.


It used to be your word of mouth through good services rendered was enough to manage your reputation in terms of a client/patient base. Every once in a while someone isn’t happy with their service, but generally this one person could not affect your overall reputation as long as you consistently provided high quality service.

However, with the advent and growth of Yelp, and several other similar platforms, your internet reputation is as good as your last review. One 1-Star review can directly affect whether or not someone reaches out to your business, making the management of your reputation crucial to your business.

Now of course bad service will ruin any business, and no amount of “Reputation Building” will fix a bad result. But having a partner to manage this process is essential to any internet marketing activity. This means having an aesthetically pleasing well designed platform and having tools in place on your website to allow your clients/patients to easily post good reviews are crucial to your marketing.

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