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To advertise or not to advertise on Facebook?

To advertise or not to advertise on facebook. That is the question I hear all the time! I don't think anybody is using Facebook anymore is what we hear. Advertisers are questioning the relevancy of this powerhouse social media platform. When I hear these complaints, I think of the last time I took a trip. When I am on a plane or in the airport, I look to my side and there is that familiar blue and white facebook page no matter who I am sitting next to. Somebody is on it, right?

When clients try to tell me that Facebook is falling out of favor, I just turn to the numbers from comScore data that measures the U.S. mobile Internet audience on monthly basis. Below are the recent facts

  • Total U.S. mobile internet growth is up 43% year over year

  • Facebook’s share of internet time increased 15% from last year

  • Total U.S. facebook minutes increased 44% year over year as compared to 19% for the internet industry as a whole

These are encouraging date points that suggest that the social media giant is still dominate. What I see from the numbers, more people are using the Internet and more people are on Facebook!

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