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Is social media important for your business?

Is social media important for your business? Is there a return? How do i track it? These are common questions that people ask about social media marketing. It is the last thing that business owners want to deal with. They think it is useless, gimmicky and a waste of time. The fact is that social media is not going away and is growing every day. It can be the most effective and cheapest way to reach the right customers. Below are some facts about who uses social media.

  • 72% of all internet users are now active on social media

  • Americans spend 16 minutes an hour on Facebook

  • 18 - 29 year olds have an 89% usage

  • The 30 - 49 year olds are at 72%

  • 50 - 60 year old sit at 60%

  • 65 years and older are at 45%

  • 7. 71% of users access social media from a mobile device

As you can see it is pretty clear when we look at the statistics, it is imperative to be in front of your audience if you are a business

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