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When you think of Paid Search, at least in terms of Internet Marketing, you probably think of Google AdWords. While this is a huge part of Paid Search Marketing in today’s internet world, it is far more than that. But that is a good place to start.


Many people simply think that they should be able to rank organically in Search Engines and there is no need for Google AdWords. This is far from true, for a number of reasons.

First of all, especially if you are launching your website with no previous history, this is the most obvious and effective method of getting the phone ringing. When someone searches for the keywords related to your business, you want your ad prominently featured, as this immediately drives traffic to your site and gets people coming in the door. It has a secondary benefit of getting traffic to your site, which we have found, over the course of many, many organic search campaigns, to be extremely beneficial as a combined effort.

Paid search allows you to specifically target the type of users you want, which is virtually impossible in organic search.

Our most successful internet marketing campaigns utilize both good SEO practice along with Paid Search campaigns to increase your business exponentially, which of course is the end goal.


Unlike organic search marketing (SEO), Google AdWords allows you to precisely target the keywords you want to show up for. The key is finding the right keywords. If you are not careful you can end up spending a large portion of your budget on irrelevant traffic that may increase the total visitors to your site, but won’t increase your business. For instance if you are a company trying to sell expensive leather boots for men, the keyword “affordable boots” is not something you want to be spending money on. That may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at what we often see when taking over campaigns from other agencies.

In the world of Google AdWords, it’s all about testing: we are constantly testing various type of Ads, keywords and landing pages to consistently optimize your campaigns - optimum conversion by industry standards is around 5%.


Paid Search Marketing is not limited to just Google AdWords campaigns, which can be expensive. There are many, many other internet marketing paid search tools you can use, including:

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Display Ads on Google

  • YouTube Advertising

  • Remarketing (causing your website to “follow” visitors after they leave)

  • Other Search Engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

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